Tenant Lease Clean-up

25th of November 2018

Several tenant's are suprised to find out that they are responsible for removing all old cables when they vacated a leased space. While many companies may simply make it look like the cabling has been removed by cleaning up what is seen, we will insure that everything is removed to the standards of your contract avoiding any potential problems.

Fluke Versiv Tester

Greenlee Fusion Splicer

25th of March 2017

Fluke Versiv Tester

Fiber optic cable is becoming more prevelant in today's bandwith heavy networks. Fusion splicing is quickly replacing the old style of mechanical splicing due to its greater reliability and reduced loss levels.

New Fluke Versiv Tester

3rd of August 2016

The Fluke Versiv is the newest addition to our line up of tools and equipment dedicated to ensuring that all of our work is of the highest quality. Beyond that it can be used to survey existing infrastructure to find any issues with the cabling that may be slowing down your network.

Fluke Versiv Tester

New Panasonic Phone System

7th of May 2016


Panasonic has released a new phone system the KX-NS. With a variety of models and features that can fit your company's needs whatever they may be.

Now Selling SV9100

25th of March 2016

We are now selling and supporting the SV9100 phone system and line of phones. We are still supporting the SV8100.


Web Page Updated

1st of January 2016

The website had been updated to better help you locate exactly what you are looking for. Feel free to browse around and look at the pictures of our work and some of the various products and services we have to offer.

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