Properly installed data and phone cables can save you time and money in the future. Our technicians professionally install your network/phone cabling, leaving you with the confidence that when the work is done it is neat, properly labeled and certified to the highest standard.

We also offer other services such as:

Troubleshooting / Certification

Network troubles can cause loss of work and frustrate your employees. We can find where your network is having the problems and find ways to resolve the issues.

Certification is the best ways to ensure a solid foundation for your network. We can fully test your network to ensure all cables pass to the highest standards and repair or replace all those that don't.

Certification Report

Fluke DSX Versiv

Newest addition to our lineup of tools dedicated to ensure our work is of the highest quality

Sample Certification Report

Network/Telephone Clean Ups

Sometimes the problems are less with the network and more about the quality and neatness of the original work. We can clean up any size of panel to make sure it is neat and properly labeled.

R66 Block water damage replacement



Data/Phone Panel Clean Up



Floor Duct/Raceway

Sometimes you only need a few cables cleaned up. Floor track stops cables from being a tripping hazard and keeps them from getting damaged.

Aerial/Burial Tie Cables and Conduit

Not all cable runs are the same. Sometimes you need a cable to connect an existing system with a new one. When this happens you need a tie cable, whether it's across your shop, across your yard, to your new building or simply to a new suite in an existing space. We have the tools and the experience to get it done efficiently and safely.

Sometimes cables need extra protection, be it from the elements outside, conditions inside your shop, or even just to meet fire code in special areas.

Conduit through cement floor

2" emt and flex.

Conduit running up building

Well installed conduit can be hidden in plain sight.

Buried Conduit/Tie Cable

Conduit running under pavement for buried tie cable from existing building.

Data panels and Cabinets

Having all of your data in one location and properly terminated can save a lot of time and money. While data panels are

12 port Data Panel

Small buisness data panel with 12 cables, a switch and a modem.

24 port data panel

2u bracket and a shelf

48 port data Panel

4u data panel and fiber tie cable


Wall Mounted Cabinet

Free Standing Racks

Free standing racks help organize all of your cabling and network equipment in one place.

Free Standing Rack

Free Standing Rack

yellow:data, white:phone

Plug and play data/telephone set-up

blue: data patch, white: phone patch

Free Standing Rack

Back side of the rack

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