We are able to take care of any fiber needs your buisness encounters. We can install, service and professionally test any type of fiber to ensure a solid connection and minimize downtime for your company.

We specialize in:

Trouble Shooting

There are many reasons you could be having trouble with you fiber optic connections. We have all the tools needed to figure out exactly what is causing the problems and determine the best way to resolve the issues. Some issues are as simple as dirt, dust or some other contaminants on the end of your connectors.

Possible connector contaminants

Fiber Panels and ties

While regular copper data cables are limited to distances of 300', fiber optic cables can go much farther. Multi-mode fiber can reach distances of several kilometers while single-mode fiber can cross the oceans. In normal office cabling 300' is more than often enough distance, however sometimes you need to link your network to another building, or another floor in the same building. When this happens fiber ties ensure that distance is not an issue.

Rack mountable fiber panel

Small wall mount fiber panel

Fiber tie with data panel

Unterminated fiber Box

Fiber termination/testing equipment

Fiber optic require specialized tools to terminate and test to ensure they are in proper working order. We have invested in these tools to ensure our work passes the highest standards.

Fusion Splicer

Fusion splicers connect two fibers together by welding the ends together providing the lowest possible loss of signal.

Level 3 tester

When a fiber is certified you know how well installed a cable is and whether or not it is operating at full capacity. If you are having troubles with your fiber connection, certification can help determine if its the fiber or the equipment that is failing.

Fluke DSX Versiv

Newest addition to our lineup of tools dedicated to ensure our work is of the highest quality

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