From waiting room music to shop paging systems and emergency alarms, we install and service a wide variety of audio entertainment and information broadcasting systems.

We specialize in:

Retail and Commercial Music Solutions

Whether you need music to keep people waiting occupied or as a sound masking solution so you can't hear people talking in their offices, we offer and install all kinds of solutions custom fit to your needs

Waiting Room Background Music

Toa Horn

music quality for retail

Toa in-Ceiling Speaker

music quality for retail

Paging / Timers / Emergency Alarms

Paging systems are a reliable way to reach people in your office and shop.

Break timers can increase efficiency as your employees no longer need to watch the clock.

Emergency alarms are highly effective at relaying important messages that can be easily understood and reach everyone in your building.

Each of these systems can operate on the same set of horns and speakers.

Bogen Horn

voice quality

TOA Horn

voice quality

Rack Mounted Paging Amplifiers

Break Buzzer

Auxilary Ringer

Sometimes it can be hard to tell when the phone rings if you are working in a loud shop or warehouse. Auxillary ringers can be programed to ring all the time or simply after a certain time.

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