Phone Systems can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make them. We like to work with the client providing affordable solutions that work for your business, based on current needs and future wants. We have the knowledge and experience to explain and teach how the system works as well as creating user manuals and "cheat sheets" to help you or your staff with any questions they may have.

We service and install everything from basic 2 line phones to modern VoIP systems


The Panasonic Phone System



Sv9100, Sv8100



Nortel Phones and Systems

The Nortel family of phones and systems are reliable. From a basic 3X8 system all the way up to the Nortel MICS all systems feature digital extensions ensuring clear and reliable sound quality. The modular design allows you to add or change only what you need, from adding extra extensions to changing to VoIP phones

Norstar 3x8

The Nortar 3x8 is a phone system designed for small buisnesses with many features of much larger more costly phone systems. Supports up to 3 lines and 8 phone extensions. It supports the nortel external voice messaging units.

Norstar CICS

The Nortel Compact Integrated Communication System supports between 4-8 lines and from 8-24 extensions. It is a modular system that can scale as you buisness grows. It also supports the nortel external voice messaging units.

Norstar MICS

The Nortel Modular Integrated Communication System is a hily expandable phone system that can support up to 24 lines and 274 extensions. It can be expanded to support pri lines and work with the Nortel external voice mail units

Nortel BCM 50

The Nortel Buisness Communication Manager supports VoiP and digital extensions simultaneously as well as PRI lines. Comes with integrated voice messaging system.

StarTalk Flash

Works as both an auto attendant and a voice mail unit. Can automatically route calls to the proper extensions. Can send an record voice messages to up to 40 mail boxes.

Norstar CallPilot

Works as both an auto attendant and a voice mail unit. Can automatically route calls to the proper extensions. Can send an record voice messages to up to 200 mail boxes.

M7208 Nortel Phone

M7310 Nortel Phone

M7324 Nortel Phone

T7100 Nortel Phone

T7208 Nortel Phone

T7216 Nortel Phone

Nortel N24 Key Expansion

adds extra keys to a Nortel T7316 and up to 4 units can be linked on one phone.

Here are some quick reference guides to help with your Nortel phone system

CallPilot Reference Sheet


Conference calling, wireless headsets and wireless phones.

Conference Phones

Freedom to conference anywhere with voice encryption, up to 24 hours of talk time and the ability to dial through a cell phone. With Acoustic Clarity Technology provides interference-free sound with up to 150 foot range. Features Caller ID, Conference Call, Menu Driven, Volume Control, Noise Reduction System, On-hook Dialing, Phone Book - 20 names + numbers, Wall-mountable. 3-Link LCD Display offers visibility in low lighting conditions. 1 phone line and up to 24-Hour talk time on 1 battery charge.

Wireless Headsets

Universal, works on all types of phones. Optional handset lifter for remote answering/ending of calls. Comes with headband and earhook

Engenius Cordless Phone

6 hours talk time, 50 hours stand-by time. Rugged and durable designed handsets for industrial environments. Works on any analog line and can handle up to 4 seperate lines

Door Phone

2 way communication. Compatible with VoiP Systems. Can tie into phone system and/or security system.

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